Undecided Paint Color for Hallway

One room at a time. Having lived through a previous renovation project where the every room in the house was under construction, I have learned my lesson. This weekend, I updated our small hall. It’s not very long, maybe 10′ and very narrow, less than 3′. Prior to my updating our entry stair hall, this was the only place to really hang coats. And when you live in a 900sf apartment, any storage you can find/make, is a blessing!

When we moved in, the hall was an off-white color. My husband had installed the mirror and coat hooks years ago, and they are still in excellent condition and very useful, so kept them. All I did was update the paint a little as it was worn from the renters.


The color was fine and very neutral because I wasn’t sure what I wanted to do with it. Eventually though, as is a sore spot with my husband, I grew bored of it and wanted to change it up. Our home has a lot of character for being so small and I felt that it really wasn’t showing well. It was a Behr paint color and blanking on the name, so I will update that at a later point. That said, it’s a great neutral color that I think would work great in most cases, just not mine ;).


So here is the start. I was a little worried it was going to be too dark for the space. There is no natural light and only the one overhead flush mount light fixture. My paint guy told me worse case, they could always lighten for me, if needed, so I went ahead with it! Benjamin Moore, Van Courtland Blue. Turns out, it didn’t make the hall feel like it was caving in on you and really made the white casings pop. I love it. Added a Pottery Barn runner I found on clearance and voila! Oddly, it looks so much brighter!




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