New Entry Hall

Since we live on the second floor of our two family, our ‘entry’ is a stairwell. Really no storage space to take off shoes or coats and the rug was pretty gross at this point. I couldn’t even tell you how old it was. Also, as was prevalent in many homes in the 70’s the walls were wood paneling, painted some neutral beige and the gum wood trim shellacked to reflection. Again, once boredom sets in, there is no stopping me!


As you can see, its just a plain, simple, very small stairwell. My first thought was to just brighten it a bit with paint, so I painted the walls, Sherwin Williams, Silver Strand. But then once you have a fresh coat of paint and horrendous carpeting, what are you going to do but rip it up!


That alone made a world of difference. We are going to resand the floors at some point in the near future and install a runner instead of recarpeting. But I still wanted/needed to come up with some storage solution. I did ask on Houzz, but got zero responses. Well actually one response was to leave it alone. But again, 900sf! So I found some wall mounted racks on Pottery Barn, clearanced and installed those. Granted, it doesn’t add that much storage, but it’s a place to hang the dogs leash’s and my most used coats.



I am still not 100% sure I will keep the smaller rack, but once the floors are sanded and the runner installed, I will see how it looks. Thankfully it’s not in the way of people going up and down the stairs. I also would like to add some framed family pictures on the hand rail side and thinking a mirror might add more light. Still somewhat of a work in progress.



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