Back at it again….

So after taking some time off to get married, have a honeymoon and throw a reception (yes in that order), I am back renovating and updating our 1910 FourSquare.

First on the agenda was the front porch. It really is an extension of the living room in the better weather months and we use it frequently. Unfortunately, it was still caught in the 70’s, blue rug on top of blue linoleum and all.


The windows, until we win the lottery, I will have to live with. They are actually not bad and it’s nice to be able to have the windows open even in the rain. Really, they were the least of my problems.

The first thing I had to do was clean it up. When we first moved in, that consisted of wiping down all the woodwork, fixing the blinds and adding a rug and some furniture.

Porch 2 Porch 3

Not ideal, but for the time being it was fine. It was a place to sit and enjoy the breeze with a cup of coffee in the morning.

Eventually, I added better seating, using wicker furniture I upcycled myself. I also moved my old steamer trunk out there to use as a side table.

I also ended up painting it. I used a more blue-gray on the lower half of the wall and just repainted the ceiling in a semi-gloss white. The ceiling was not easy since the weather had done a number on the beadboard. I had to caulk a lot of it, but I was not going to rip it down and do it over. Some day, perhaps, but at this juncture, I just wanted something easy and nice to live with along with less labor 🙂 I also ended up replacing those white plastic blinds. Trying to clean them was not worth the work at all. (added note, I tend to get bored with furniture arrangements and move things around, as you can tell in the second picture, I moved the seating to the other side of the porch. Yes that is a margarita machine, that got me through the summer).

Porch 4 FullSizeRender

Now, a couple years later, I am tired of looking at that blue rug and wanted to put down some other flooring. Obviously cost was the biggest factor. It’s a porch. I didn’t want real hardwood and wasn’t sure the porch could actually sustain that added weight and cost. The next option were those Ikea slats used for decks.

Ikea Slats

But at over $500 to do the porch, that exceeded my entire reno budget. The next obvious option was linoleum. But stick on squares, glued down planks, fake stone, slate, wood? There were endless options. That said, not all of them would work on a three season porch. We ended up going with a floating plank style. That way it would allow some give and take during the season changes. Laying it, was by far the easiest job. We managed it in a few hours.

IMG_8090 IMG_8144 IMG_8147 IMG_8148

Added some quarter round to hold it in place and give it a more finished look and we were done!! Not bad for a $200 renovation!! And my husband got to bring his bar table and chairs back from his sisters house!

IMG_8150 New Porch New Porch 2


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