And we are done!

I just realized I never updated after we put in the pendants…ooops!! But I was recently married, so hopefully that excuse will cut it 😉

So we are finally done! I am so in love with this new kitchen. Especially the new ‘island’. I have done so much baking and purposely leave everything out now, because I can!!! Odd as it may seem, it seems so much larger now, even though the square footage is the same. We do use the breakfast bar and find myself just sitting there when husband is doing the dishes (yes he actually does them , without me even asking!!) or when he is cooking. I really couldn’t have asked for more. Ok, well a dishwasher would have really made it complete, but husband does just a great of a job!

I’d like to think my mother-in-law is smiling and so happy for and perhaps a bit envious that she wasn’t able to use it, I would have loved to make gnocchi with her.


Thank you all for following along.


May I present, our final kitchen!

IMG_6063   IMG_6064

IMG_6065  IMG_6067

IMG_57063   IMG_5845

Ive updated a little since these pictures, adding a runner and some curtains.

IMG_8874.JPG IMG_8876.JPG



I am still also going back on whether or not to add crown moulding. It really, never ends.


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