Thought some before and after pics would be kind of cool, since we are still waiting for pendant lights 😉 Apparently the ones we ended up choosing are very popular.

Capture 3       IMG_4688

photo 19   IMG_4689  IMG_4901

photo 17   IMG_5357

Capture 2   Kitchen 1


Otherwise, we are pretty much done with the kitchen! The only other thing is window treatments and I am still going back and forth on what I would like. Butter yellow with some gray? Red? Cafe curtains or Roman shades?


I do love it and love even more being able to cook and spread out. So far I have made apple cider donuts, scones and various other treats that would have been very difficult in the old kitchen.



6 thoughts on “Before/After

  1. Fabulous kitchen redo; you couldn’t have done it better! Saw it on Faith’s blog. I was in the design trade for many years and I know a good thing when I seen it. Congrats!

  2. With the kitchen changes (DIY) do you mind sharing how much you saved if you were to have someone do it? I have small kitchen built in 1978. I need help bad but limited in budget.

    • Hi!
      We for sure saved quite a bit, probably close to $20k. A big savings I can suggest, is if at all possible to work with your current layout in regards to electrical and plumbing. Rerouting can be costly. We were lucky in that my brother-in-law is an electrician, but if you don’t have one in the family, try to keep that layout.

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