Home Stretch!

And we have a kitchen! After two and a half months, lots of blood, sweat and tears, we are in the home stretch. Cabinets are complete, with trim and panels. The sink wall was tiled and grouted and the hood is up! The first thing I cooked on the stove was pancakes. I definitely have to readjust to cooking with gas. Baking is so amazing now, I can spread out everything on the countertops. I have to say, in the grand scheme of things, 2 1/2 months probably isn’t that long, especially when it comes to renovating your kitchen. But when you are living through it, in an only 850 SF apartment, it can been….claustrophobic.

Overall, I am very happy with the way it turned out. A couple things, looking back I may have considered a little more, ie perhaps putting the cooktop on the island that way we could have possibly added a dishwasher? Maybe not having all the walls pastered, since most of the walls ended up with cabinets. Considered taking out the pantry wall all together and putting a door at the top of the stairs to the back yard? Other than those things (which really wouldn’t have changed much except for the dishwasher), I love the way it turned out.


For nostalgia purposes, the below pic is of the kitchen from the mid 70’s and what it looks like today. That is Mario’s mom in the picture.

photo 37


photo 33

I do love the deep sink. And because we are lacking a dishwasher, it’s fantastic for hiding dishes that haven’t been washed yet! I am happy that I did not go all the way to the ceiling with the backsplash on the hood wall.

photo 34


Clearly, I still need to get some painting done, and the pendants should be arriving in a couple weeks, but all the trim looks great!


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