I can see the light…..

At almost 2 months exactly, we are finally in the home stretch. While I would love to say it was a fairly simple process, I’d be lying. Big time. It’s very stressful and aggravating when you are basically living out of one room and your home is in a constant state of chaos. I think, if you really want to test a relationship, live through a renovation ;). Thankfully, we made it through and are super excited to christen the cooktop and start doing the dishes in the kitchen and not the basement!

The floors are amazing. Originally we were going to go with a lighter color, but when we went to look in the store, I saw these ones and thought they would look good with the gray cabinets. I was right! They definitely warm up the space and I love the red tone with the gray and how it picks up the red in the brick.

Floor 1    Floor 3


And the countertops also went in recently! This is what really enhanced the light at the end of the tunnel. It’s amazing how much more counter space we have now. We even created a breakfast bar so that we can grab a quick bite in the morning or for dinner when it’s just the two of us. The overhang is in the first view you see below. I had thought to do on the other side where the countertop is longer, but I felt it would disrupt the flow of the kitchen since that is the space the oven opens up into. There was more floor space on the side that it’s at now.  You might also notice the french door by the windows. We originally had a solid door there and because that is where our pantry is, were going to leave it open. However, in thinking about it, it does tend to get cold in the winter in that hallway, so we decided to put in a french door since it will still give the space an openness, but keep the cold out. Now to find stools….

Countertops     countertop 2

French Door


Also, a little addition I created to cover the electrical panel. We could have put the panel on the opposite side of the wall (which is the master bedroom), but I just felt it was easier to hide in the kitchen versus the bedroom. About 6 months ago I came across a kitchen towel at Sure La Table that I loved. It showed almost all the different shaped pastas out there and was in Italian (fiance being Italian, this makes sense). I was going to eventually frame it and hang it on the chimney, but it ended up being a perfect size to cover the electrical panel I love the colors too.

wall 1     wall 2


The only major task that remains is the backsplash behind the sink and cooktop. The rest is more cosmetic tasks, ie painting, trim work, hardware,  hooking up the plumbing  😉





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