Walls make everything alright!

As we are entering week 5 of this renovation, I was starting to get bummed out it was taking so long. I am aware of the rule, “Twice as much and 3x’s as long” or is that “Twice as long and 3x’s as much”, either way, when you are living it, it can get depressing not really seeing any progress. That is, until the walls go up!

This was a discussion that I wasn’t really party to. Now, I am of the sheetrock, prime it and paint it. Apparently, my other half is of the sheetrock, plaster, prime and paint. I think where it’s a kitchen and most of the walls will have cabinets covering them, it was a place we could have saved money and not plastered, however I didn’t have the final say. Hindsight? Skip plastering a kitchen, except the ceiling maybe. That said, it may be worth having a professional sheetrock and tape your seams, unless you have some experience with that. I did have a little, but I know my strengths and weaknesses and that is definitely one of the weaknesses.

photo 29   photo 30

Sheetrock hung!

photo 26

Plastering starts!

photo 27

Plastering finished! I will concede the walls do look amazing and the guys did an AMAZING job. They protected my chimney and that seam where the chimney meets the ceiling couldn’t have been more perfect. I was originally going to add crown molding to the top, but now I am just going to leave as is, it came out that good. McCues were the guys we used (yes same family as the nurseries).


Oh, and I am sneaking in a picture of the finished chimney because I am so proud of the way it came out. But I don’t think I will ever do that again ;). It was sealed with one coat to protect it, which I would recommend, unless you want that shine look, then add multiple coats. It goes on pretty easily with one of those 3 inch rollers.

Chimney 6


Next step, assembling and mounting of cabinets!!!!


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