While waiting for permits to be approved…

So we are in a bit of limbo at this point. The Building Inspector has come as has the plumbing (though they each need to come back after the sheetrock goes up), but we are still waiting for the Electrical Inspector.

So what else am I to do, but start figuring out paint colors. Of course, I really should be chipping away old mortar on the brick so I can repoint, but perusing Houzz for paint color inspirations is way more fun!

So where to start- gray cabinets, black countertops, stainless steel appliances and hardware and reddish hued floors- yep, clearly I enjoy a challenge! My original thought was a very light gray, kind of a greige color. Then true to form, I started to experiment a bit and looked at a deep cabernet  or even a sage green. Nope, didn’t like it and went back to greige. Only problem is, there are probably thousands of variations of that so how to narrow it down to a least a few colors so I am not spending my lighting allowance on paint samples. I think for me, I had to narrow down to a brand. I am a Benjamin Moore fan (having previously been a Ralph Lauren fan). I don’t really have any rhyme or reason as to why, could be the spelling, could be that branding thing that just gets stuck in your head? But at the end of the day, I just prefer their tone of colors versus a Sherwin Williams or Valspar.


So here are the options I am considering. I think any of these colors will really work, and it gives me the option of using pops of color in wall art or accessories.


Benjamin Moore- Intense White (which really isn’t white, but gray)


Benjamin Moore- Revere Pewter (which is clearly a very popular color)


Benjamin Moore- Cement Gray

images (1)

And this one!


I think I am leaning towards the Revere Pewter because it has more of a Taupe feel, than gray and I don’t want the kitchen to be some theme on black and white, but of course we will see once the cabinets go in how it all meshes together!


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