To Pendant or not to Pendant and other decisions…..

I guess now the fun part begins….picking out all the little things, cabinet hardware, faucet, lighting etc. This is probably where I will wish I hired a designer to help with the visual.

First lighting-

During the day, the kitchen does get a generous amount of light as the sun rises on that side of the house and once we break down the wall between the windows, I am sure it will brighten even more. However, at night, its very dark since there are only two light fixtures; a ceiling fan with lights in front of the fridge and a light fixture over the sink. We are definitely going to add recessed lighting, but I was also thinking pendant lights, to add a little character to the room as well. Originally I was going to have two, one over the sink and one over the cooktop. I have since changed my mind and think I will go with 3, over the cabinets that surround the chimney and add recessed around the perimeter (ie 3 where the sink is and 3 by the fridge). I always loved the schoolhouse lights, but since we have changed the color of the cabinets, there really isn’t any white in the room anymore, so not sure that fits with the room style any more. We have also nixed the white cast iron porcelain sink, which I am a bit sad over, but again, I don’t think it really goes anymore. Have you ever tried googling pendant lights? Holy toledo there are a ridiculous amount and most, are just so far out there in terms of design. As I am more traditional it was much easier to narrow down what worked for me and what didn’t. In fact, I narrowed down to basically four options, well three really, if you don’t count color options. I think part of this decision is going to be based on what we end up going with for cabinet hardware.

Light 2Light 3  Light 4  Light


I do like the first one and think it will be a nice contrast against the brick. I think the next two are very cool and different from what you would normally see in a kitchen as a pendant. I like how the copper would pick up the color in the brick, but that could also make it blend in with the brick, so defeats the purpose of having something that stands out. The last one, is my safe choice. You see them pretty frequently in kitchens now. Of course, I still like it and it will for sure work with the style of the kitchen, but I was trying to go with something interesting with character, which it does, but the middle two, to me have a bit more character. I haven’t ventured to a lighting store yet, which I probably should to get some more ideas.



Second, the sink-


I LOVE FARMHOUSE SINKS. And while I don’t have the space for one of those huge ones with the apron front, I was so excited to get a white one, which screamed to me farmhouse. Yes, I know, it’s just a white sink versus stainless steel, but I equate white with farmhouse and that is how I rationalize it in my head. That said, it seems that dream is going to have to wait till we move to Italy. We lucked out and found a white, cast iron porcelain sink for $40 at Home Depot on clearance a year ago, when the kitchen was going to be white. Mind you, it was drop in not undermount, but for $40, I was ok with that. As time wore on we realized that undermount in a kitchen really is a better option. And again, because we changed the color of the kitchen, the white just stood out too much to me. So that has now been listed on craigslist and the search begins for a stainless steel undermount. I’d love something 10″ deep, but I don’t think that will work with our cabinets. We found a couple at Home Depot that we will look at this weekend. It’s just a sink, though so not too worried about it.

The faucet has been a whole other game. He wants that touchless Moen, and I just want something with a pull down that fits the style of the kitchen. I had no idea faucets could be so expensive! $200 for a piece of steel that just has water run through it? And the price difference between one place and another is crazy. A faucet at eFaucets is $260 and the same faucet at a high end store is over $350. We did agree we want a gooseneck style, so that was easy. He found one on ebay he liked, but didn’t win, so add that to the Home Depot list of things to look at. I think I am also going to try and visit a couple kitchen places to see options. We start the reno in less than a week, so I have some time to figure it out! Nothing like leaving it to the last minute!

Faucet 2


$640 for this MotionSense Moen faucet. That’ll be the day I spend $600 on a kitchen faucet!!! I do like the style of it, though 😉


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