Layout and floorplan

I realized I never posted what the layout is slated to be. This has been a process and a half. Do you take out walls, do you leave walls; where do you put the oven; where do you put the fridge; what layout gets me the most counter space possibly. Here are a couple photos of the transition in order of my process.

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As you can see, I was all over the place. The issue being the chimney that runs somewhat through the center of the kitchen. I also wanted to keep costs down by keeping as much of the original plumbing and electrical layout as possible. We had debated installing a dishwasher, but that would have just created a logistical nightmare and having to rework plumbing and drain lines, which I have no desire to do.

In the first layout (A), you can see that we were going with a range and added some base cabinets next to the fridge. On the other side of the fridge is a door to the pantry and back porch. But I ended up nixing that as it seemed to cut the space in a weird way, and we decided to go with a cooktop and wall oven.

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In the next layout (B), I was going to have the wall oven in front of the chimney, and up until about a two months ago, that was the plan. But it just seem too cramped to have the big floor to ceiling cabinet cutting into the space in front of the cooktop. I also was not a fan of the base cabinets along the chimney wall abutting the wall oven cabinet. Again, I am a visual person and having part of the wall being a cabinet just looked weird. Yes, I could have created a faux wall to put the wall oven cabinet into, but then it’s cutting more into floor space that I need (or prefer).

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In the following layout (C), I moved the base cabinets next to the fridge. I have a ‘coffee bar’ there now (basically just a 48″ buffet cabinet), so it seemed to make sense to just replace that with base cabinets and alleviate the wall issue next to the oven.  However, that really didn’t give me much more counter space because that is where our coffee maker is going to have to go. I also had to find a place for the wine-o-dor.

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That led me to the final layout (D), where I would gain more counter space and make the room flow a little better. I also added a tall shelving cabinet next to the wall oven for more storage space. With this layout, I also removed the wall, that hid the chimney and went all the outside wall where the two windows are. It sounds a little more confusing than it is. I was tempted to add a knee wall to support the electrical that I will need, however I have since decided to remove the wall entirely, exposing the chimney and use industrial type outlet with the silver casing, coming down from the ceiling screwed into the chimney. Basically, like this, but prettier..

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