Cabinets have been ordered…..

Last weekend we put the order in for our cabinets. And of course, leave it to me to change things while we are placing the order! I think it took us about 3 hours to order because of my going back and forth and figuring out exactly what cabinets I wanted (ones with drawers, pullouts or shelves). Who knew it could be such a process, but you really want to take the time to know your space. Are the pullouts going to hit the door of another cabinet? Are you able to have both cabinets open at the same time that are opposite each other? Things you may not think you need to ever worry about, worry about. Because on that random chance it happens, you don’t want to ding your new cabinets that you spent 6 months hemming and hawing over!! So here it is….the final lay out and HOPEFULLY future kitchen!

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I would like to note, my view out those windows do not look that pretty. I am almost tempted to add posters or film to the windows so as to actually have that view….. That said, I painted those casings black on the planner only to add contrast to the wall so I had a better idea of the placement of the cabinets. However, I actually may really paint the casings black. My other half  really likes it, and for as little say as he had in all this, I’d like to keep him happy.

As you may notice in the second picture, I did remove the wall that surrounded the chimney and went back to the wall with the windows. I ended up adding a small cabinet (12×24″) backing to the other drawer cabinet, and that will be our coffee bar. Large enough to fit the various coffee/espresso/grinder/frothers machines my fiance has.  I also ended up adding a cabinet above the fridge which makes that wall look more finished (and of course, adding more storage!).

In the first photo, the cabinets around the front part of the chimney will have a pullout for the trash and the cabinet next to it, will have shelving. The other side cabinets around the chimney, which you can see in the third photo,  will be drawers to house all the tupperware and various pasta bowls I have managed to accumulate over the years. I decided on drawers instead of shelved cabinets because it just looked way easier to store things and more efficient in finding things you need.

Our fridge is not tall enough to fill that space between the cabinet and the top of the fridge, but I can add a tray or small basket with the fancy dish clothes that will only look pretty on the fridge and oven and NEVER USED. Yes, I am THAT girl.

The tall cabinet next to the wall oven I went back and forth on (sorry Ikea Salesman!). They had 3 options, either adjustable shelves, a complete pull out where the entire interior pulled out,  or just pull out shelves, each shelf pulls out.  I had opted for the adjustable shelves, thinking I could store all my baking stuff, but ended up going with the pull out shelves, so I could really utilize the space in the back, where things notoriously get forgotten, like the Holiday sprinkles you bought 4 years ago, but then continue to buy another jar every year because you forget they are there.


So, I have printed the picture and attached to a wall in the kitchen so the crew knows that I want the kitchen to look like by the end of it all!


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