Electric Wall Oven and Gas Cooktop hunt…..

Our dream when we first started this reno idea was to buy a dual fuel range (gas stove with electric oven). However we soon realized that we would not be able to afford that, and it would eat up too much of our budget, a decent one costing upwards of $1700-2500. Having toured some kitchen show rooms, we decided to change that and bring it back old school with a gas cooktop and an electric wall oven. That is actually what my parents had, and not sure why it ever went out of style, but it seems to be making a come back. Great, decision made, now to find both appliances in our price range! Google had become our friend and we pretty quickly found the oven at the Sears Outlet, pretty shortly after we started looking. Originally we were looking at the Elextrolux, but having heard some not so great stories and reading pretty bad reviews, we ended up going with Whirlpool instead and got a great deal on this one. It’s a 30″ model with Accubake and Steam Clean. I think the tricky part is making sure that it would fit into the Ikea cabinet we picked out. I don’t think the Electrolux would have. The bonus is, Ikea appliances are made by Whirlpool, so assuming this should fit just fine. I guess we will find out, but Whirlpool guarantees the fit :).  This also was about half price of what it originally cost. Some of the items at the Outlet have been damaged, which is why they are so cheap, other’s are floor models. But ours just happened to be a return that was never opened, so it’s in mint condition.

Capture (8)


The gas cooktop was a little harder to find. We had been going back and forth on brand and did we want knobs in the front or side; 5 burners or 4; 30″ or 36″. My preference was knobs in the front. I am a visual person and to me, it just looks better. But finding one in our price range, was proving difficult. Thankfully we started the process of looking about 6 months before our reno, so we had time to keep looking. However as the time was nearing to reno, I had just settled on getting the Ikea gas cooktop for now and upgrade when we found the one we wanted. Randomly a couple weeks ago, we did find two options at the same Sears Outlet (you really need to keep looking every once in a while because the inventory is constantly changing and good items go quick). We found a Whirlpool stainless steal 30″ and a Bosch 30″ stainless steel. When we went to go look at them in person, the Bosch was much better looking ( and had much better reviews) and had the knobs in front. It only had 4 burners, but there is a center grate, so visually, more appealing to me, but everyone’s eye is different.

Capture (9)Bosch Cooktop


Whirlpool                                                                                       Bosch


In my opinion, as someone that does (try) to cook pretty often on the weekends, the knobs in front make more sense.


So for a grand total of $1000, we were able to have exactly what we wanted in the end.


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