And so starts the planning….

We have been going back and forth for about 6 months now on layout, color cabinets, walls, etc…. I thought it was going to be more difficult than it was. Originally we were just going to go with white, traditional styled. Then for about 5 mins we thought about cherry, but then went back to white. There is a chimney in the middle of the kitchen that we were thinking of having removed, but it will be at least $2k to re-vent the pipes and such that are currently in the chimney now. Just not in the budget. Had thought about forgoing something in lieu, but would have to do the floors and ceiling anyway if we ripped it out, so just going to have to live with it. I may try and leave one side open (the side that faces the sink) to give a little character to the place, but depends on the condition of the bricks.

We did decide pretty early on to go with Ikea cabinets. As this is an apartment and not necessarily our ‘forever’ home, they just seemed the most cost effective. My previous landlord used them in the kitchen he renovated and they seemed decent, good quality and enough options, but not overwhelming. When we toured the store a couple months back, we did decide to go with their white cabinets, because they weren’t bright white, but had a hint of something to them that tones the white down. We saw some gray ones and liked those a lot, but figured the white was easier to match. Then we went down last week and saw the gray again and decided to go with those. I think we get enough light in the space and they are a little out of the norm of plain white, without going too crazy. Will still stick with black quartz counter tops and bamboo floors, though I had to change the color from a deep ebony to a reddish-brown. I also plan to add some color with accent pieces.  Here’s a shot of the plan-


It’s probably about double the amount of counter-space I have now, and as someone that loves to bake, more is better! I had gone back and forth about the countertops and backsplash. Hemming and hawing over glass tile or subway tile back-splash and white or black quartz counter-tops. To be continued……


Here are shots of the kitchen now-

Kitchen 1        Kitchen 4          Kitchen 5               photo 29


Just note, in the last photo, the fridge is no longer there, a Crate and Barrel hutch is (which you can just make out in the first photo). But you can see the wall that extends back from the chimney almost diving the space in half.


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