The Kitchen is where the heart is…..

Having suddenly and  recently lost my future mother-in-law, I have been inspired to really create a kitchen that is the heart of the home. Ada, was born and raised in Italy and moved to the US in 1958 with her husband and 3 children. One child came later (my boyfriend). As with most Italians, family and food are the center of their universe. Like clockwork, every Saturday family would come and have coffee, treats (Made By or Bought By Gina), and storytelling and reminiscing would begin.

Now that she has passed, it’s on the next generation to keep up the tradition. It isn’t going to be easy as some have already said every Saturday is too much and wanted to scale back these gatherings, however, the task has been handed off and we will see how it goes.

We already had plans to renovate the kitchen, but it became even more important to me recently. I want it to really be the heart of the home. I dream big, probably bigger than my budget allows so to that end, I will be doing my best to work within my means. Where there is a will, there is a way



Ada’s 89th birthday December 2012


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