The design process begins…..

About a year ago I moved in with my boyfriend into the two family home he grew up in (well starting at about 6). It’s a great little house on a beautiful street near a hip downtown area in the city we live in. Ada had moved to the downstairs apt years ago and the upper apt for the most part, has been rented out. Some work had been done, but by this point the apt has seen it’s share of abuse. This has been a work in somewhat progress for about a year now. The place was a for the most part, a dump due to the previous renters. The bathroom was disgusting, the rugs smelled and were stain ridden. The ‘bones’ of the place were good, though my preference for an open floor plan would never work in this space, as that is not how they lived back in 1910. But, it has all the essentials, dining room, living room, sun porch and even a small back porch. It just needs some cosmetic touch ups and a little nip/tuck here and there :).

photo 20  photo 6

This is the master with gross carpeting and I don’t even know what color wallpaper.

photo 39

This is the empty living room/dining room.

photo 2

The floor in the kids bedroom, was also covered in gross carpeting, but thankfully the original hardwood was there!



This is what it basically looked like when we moved in. The stove was a mess; the countertop damaged; nothing was cleaned



My original thought for the kitchen was to just repaint the walls/cabinets/tiles and replace appliances as finances allowed. But, that changed halfway through the year and now we are going to pretty much gut the walls and ceilings, replace the cabinets and appliances and put down a new floor. And so started the Houzz and Pinterest obsession. Having renovated a kitchen many years ago, I had no say. I wanted white cabinets with a hint of antiquing glaze and I ended up with butter yellow with a heavy brown glaze. I wanted dark soapstone counter tops and ended up with white marble. I wanted dark wood floors and ended up with slate. But it wasn’t my house, technically, so none of my inputs or suggestions were taken, so not sure why I was ever asked in the first place. But that is another story for my therapist 😉

This time, pretty much whatever I want is accepted, within reason of course. The first place I started was Pinterest. Creating a Home Design folder and finding pictures and ideas for what I liked to get some scope of what my style is. Turns out, I am pretty Traditional. I do like a little Craftsman Style thrown in for a twist, but when it comes down to it, I am an old fashion kind of girl. The second place I headed to was Houzz. And there a love affair was born. I have turned many people on to this site. It’s amazing, the ideas and suggestions are bountiful and if you can dream it, chances are it’s been done and probably a 100 times over in every different shade of blue, gray, reds, etc…. It really is a fabulous site and kudos to the creators! And that is how this all started.


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